Video and audio data transfer

I and my friend are creating a server for web conferencing, so we downloaded Jitsi meet server, now I have a question about data transfer between web conference members.
My question is, does video and audio data stream goes through my server? or is it transfered between browsers whitout uploading any video and audio data to server?

If it is just the two of you, and if you have p2p mode enabled, the media stream goes peer-to-peer.

For more than two participants, or if you have disabled p2p mode, the media stream goes through your server.

Thank you for your prompt reply!
Can I disable p2p mode even if there are only 2 users in video chat,
so that every video conference video and audio data goes through my server?

Yes. In /etc/jitsi/meet/[your-config].js, set:

p2p { enabled:true,
p2p { enabled:false,

Thank You, I really appreciate Your help, this let’s my users to use web conference whitout spending the internet traffic.

They’ll still need to send their stream to the server, and still need to receive the video stream from the server. I’d have expected traffic volume to be much the same as if p2p mode was enabled and they were sending it to, and receiving the traffic from, a different endpoint.

In our country, government made a law that enables users of wired internet (not mobile operators) to avoid traffic spending when they surf local web sites which are hosted in local servers in Uzbekistan, and they named it “Tas-ix zone”, every web site which is listed in Tas-ix zone is traffic free for Uzbekistan residents. My server is in that list. So if data goes through my server then wired internet users do not spend traffic.

Ah, net neutrality … not :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation, and sorry for my misunderstanding.

I change p2p enabled to false,
now how can I check that p2p is disabled, in order to make sure that data is going through my server.