Very special installation question

first sorry for my strange post - I just can post max 2 links - so I replaced the . with dot etc.

I need a video conferencing solution for a dance performance, that doesn’t require an internet connection - (we tour all over the world and also play in places that have a miserable or limited internet connection). In addition, the computer has to run on a power bank, because there are also power outages every now and then.
Situation: 2 laptops on stage and the video conference is projected via OBS and NDI to my laptop and projected with Isadora on stage - sometimes I also need the sound . That’s al - nothing elsel.
The video conference needs the gallery mod - so only jitsy and come into question. Since is no longer being developed, I’ll start with jitsy.

I took a Rock64 4GB, which is lying around. Flashed Armbian-Focal image, installed the AArch64 docker-jitsi-meet package - github dot com/amaumene/docker-jitsi-meet - and now, how do I configure jitsy meet for intranet - I dont need ssl and I think, I dont need nginx. configuration in .env is:

HTTP_PORT is 127 dot 0 dot 0 dot 1:180
HTTPS_PORT is 127 dot 0 dot 0 dot 1:1443
PUBLIC_URL is h t t p s - talk dot example dot org
DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS is10 dot 0 dot 0 dot 26

/etc/hosts is:
127 dot 0 dot 0 dot 1 localhost talk
::1 localhost talk ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
fe00::0 ip6-localnet
ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix
ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
ff02::2 ip6-allrouters
10 dot 0 dot 0 dot 26 talk dot example dot org talk

I dont reach anything on h t t p s - 10 dot 0 dot 0 dot 26 / any port or talk dot example dot org.

Am I wrong in the config? do I definitely need nginx?

With low-powered hardware like a Rock64 I think something like this would be better done with basic video distribution tools like gstreamer rather than a full-fledged videoconferencing system. The result will be more reliable and use much less power.

how do you think, I get with gstreamer the typical videoconference in galery mode with 2 participants?

I forgot to say, the two laptops on stage are old macbook air, because the dancers have no idea about anything else and they have to operate the laptops and it works fine like with But I need a version without internet.

The rock64 only has to organize the videoconference for 2 participants.

The streaming to my laptop is done with OBS - Open Broadcaster Software®️ | OBS and there Ndi from one macbook.