Very high okhttp reuest to nginx

I have deployed jitsi on single node with 32 vcpu and 128 GB RAM to run online classes for a school. It runs 8 classes each with 45 students. They connect to VC platform using laptop and android phones…
The cpu usage is approx 23% and and memory consumption is 3.2 GB Max. I have been running this 3 week now. Everything runs fine except the jvb crash which happens atleast one time a day. I have tried changing few parameters as advised in many such threads in jitsi community. But the crash still happens.
One thing i noted is very high request from okhttp client
“POST /http-bind?room=discussions HTTP/2.0” 200 304 “-” “okhttp/3.12.1”
I even removed okhttp.jar file from videobridge lib directory. But it does not made any change.
How can i stop okhttp request hitting nginx ? Will this affect or enhance jvb stability.