Very high bandwidth usage

I am not sure what went wrong. I am seeing a very high bandwidth usage when we look at the bandwidth usage on AWS cloudwatch.

The follow graph is when we host a room with 8 participants:

The network in is around 180Mb and the network out is around 110Mb. The video is lagging and audio is not in sync.

We didn’t change any bandwidth setting in the config. And it is 720p.

Anyway for me to check why it is using such high bandwidth?

look at the bandwidth stats of each user (top left corner)

as i understood Jitsi (but may be im wrong):
by default for each 8 users : 1 upload video + 1 upload sound + 7 download video+ 7download sound =8 video stream + 8 sound stream
x 8 = 64 + 64
and jitsi adapt to max he can .
Search the forum for “adjust resolution” optimisation and “channelLastN” etc.

Bandwidth is one of the biggest problematic

Correct me if im wrong.

So an 8 participants meeting room consuming ~180Mbps on server is considered normal?!

i don’t know , but i suggest you run some test : 3 users, viedo on/off, what are the bitrate, resolution etc.

Does the number of active particpants raise the bandwidth requirements for every participant? If every participant causes its own downstream video/audio, then this should be the case.

This means that the number of participants is limited by the slowest participant’s internet connection, right?

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Yes, the bandwidth requirement raises when the number of active participants increases.

Hi all,

May i kindly ask that is there any update on this topic ?

Thank you.

Maybe it is because you are streaming Audio and Video? I do not know what you are pointing out. You are hosting a real time video and audio streaming App, wouldn’t it be expected to consume a lot of bandwidth?

My siggestion is: You should try it out on a demo server. Wherein you are allowed to consume so much bandwidth without having to pay for it. Too much bandwidth on EC2 instances are billed every month, so you should not use Jitsi there if you do not bandwidth charges.