Very hard for a developer to join this effort. Let's fix that

I had hoped to pull the code and at least get it running and make some changes and see them show up on the browser - 3 hours later, still not working.

It seems bizarre that user after user comes and asks the same questions and no further knowledge is added to the documentation.

So far the biggest one I have seen for new , willing contributors is ‘I changed something in interface_config.js’ and it didn’t change on my browswer"

Lots of people, including me would like to build on the great work existing and past contributors have done and add back the features we build into the codebase - fix bugs - but unless the information and scripts are clear - this won’t happen.

I will be willing to do 2 things…

  • document the full detail of what a developer needs, the gotchas e.g. the need for a ‘deployment’ server (which is still baffling to me), to help them answer their reasonable questions and get them started.

  • add Dockerfile directly into the project to build it. It adds to the confusion and inconsistency that there is another project someplace that has a Dockerfile and there is little information on how this and that combine.

I will need someone to pair with on this. Someone who knows the ropes. I can do all the documentation, they just need to help me by answering by questions. I’m only dumb once.

Any taker?

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config and interface-config get from (default if you not change WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET), so you can fix to your code change like config.your_config || “your_config_value”. Other way, you can setup your server and change WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET to your server.
I see the code quite clearly and you just need to experiment with changing some of the code to see how they work

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I hear you and thanks for sharing this.

The point I’m making is that this is so counter intuitive for a developer contributor process and at this moment I do not understand the rationale for doing this.

I want to change the contents of config and interface-config because it makes the changes I want to make more customised. I understand I can go and directly change the components e.g. hardcode the name of the site etc.

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