Verision and Updates (meet)

Background: I have some issues with jitsi Meet so I thought I should check I have the latest version.

But how do I do that:

  • When I run Meet (on Windows in Chrome) there is no where it tells me what version of the application I’m running
  • There is no “update to the latest version” or “check for updates”
  • When I download the WIndows install all I get is “-latest.exe” again no clue as to what version I’m about to install.

Am I thinking about this the wrong way, does Meet automagically update to the latest (stable) version whenever I use it?

Puzzled of the UK

& PS: THANKS to everybody who works (or has worked) on Meet

Jitsi Meet is completely browser based, so there is nothing to download and nothing to update. You should always be accessing the latest version when you call up Perhaps you are referring to the IOS or Android interface for your phone?