UX: Accidental leave due to toolbar shift when participants pane expanded

Summary: if users’ screen width is >=520px and they attempt to double click the “participants pane” icon, they will inadvertently leave the meeting.

This is because the toolbar shifts left to accommodate the participant pane, and the offset almost coincides with the distance between Participants icon and Leave icon. Effectively, the Leave icon takes the place of the Participants icon after the initial click.

To illustrate, here’s the relative positioning of the buttons before and after the switcheroo:

This happened to me a couple of times and I thought I was just being daft. However, I’ve been getting reports of new users also falling under the same trap.

Does this bother anyone else?

Not sure what a good “fix” for this would be though :thinking:


Yes, I think I mentioned this before somewhere too. It’s a bit of an issue. Although, like you, I can’t readily think of a fix. I considered moving the ‘Hang up’ button to the left, but then, that shifts another button there, even if one that’s less dastardly.

I suppose something like this change would alleviate the issue somewhat since clicking on Leave doesn’t kick you out immediately. :person_shrugging:

I agree.

Hiding the toolbar before expanding the participants pane may be a solution.

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I’m struggling to visualize that. You mean when the participants pane is activated, hide the toolbar? How do you hide the participants pane after, then? :thinking:

By the way, I have another sore spot - trying to get the connection stats for the thumbnail directly under the meeting label (timer, conference name e.t.c…). It’s like playing dodgeball. :joy:

As you know the toolbar hides if there is no mouse interaction after a while and unhides if something happens.

When the participant button is clicked, UI will hide the toolbar first and then it will expand the pane. This is not a permanent hide, the toolbar will appear again if there is a new mouse interaction.

Yeah, but I’m not seeing the hiding being able to remediate this issue, because the underlying issue is the coordinates of the toolbar. Right now, if I activate the participants pane, the toolbar shifts to the left and then auto-hides after a few seconds, if there’s no activity. If I move the mouse, then it shows up again, but with its new coordinates. I think your suggestion to hide the toolbar would work only if the coordinates don’t shift.