Using video bridge for conferencing on my app(web and mobile)

hi all,

Ive been doing some research on possible Alternative for Antmedia as a videobridge and a media server and I found Jitsi videobridge to be somewhat fitting on our requirement.
I have some questions though or clarrification, Please correct me if im wrong as I just did the high level research for Jitsi and Jitsi meet

  1. I can see that to integrate and use Jitsi bridge to my custom app, i need to embed the player in an Iframe to display the stream.
    Most of the examples I am seing is one to one streaming or Peer to Peer, and I cannot see many to many video conferencing examples.
    How should this be handled? should there be multiple iFrame on my app or something?
    Is there an example how to use this?

  2. same when using mobile application, most of the example only displays one video or one display, how to support conferencing?

  3. In the examples i found, like the one in Android, I can only see “joining” a room as an example, but I cannot see a separate example for a broadcaster and a player, does this mean, joining a room automatically equates to being a broadcaster and a player?
    by broadcaster I mean, capture stream from video and transmit, etc.

  4. looking for sample applications that uses jitsi video bridge and integrates it to a custom HTML app, where can i find?

using Jitsi meet app is not an option as we have an already built application(HTML) and we just need a video bridge.
We just need the video bridge for conferencing and not the app as our app is a game app.

what do you guys suggest? I might have more questions after the reply.

Yes, people join a room and they can watch and send audio and video streams.
The communication is with xmpp, and there is a service orchestrating that conference.
So you need prosody(the xmpp service), jicofo ( the focus orchestrating) and jvb.
Your quickest way to go with this is to make a quick install that will deploy everything, including jitsi-meet. And use the lowlevel api to connect, have tracks and stuff. It is not an easy project, there are many things to be implemented …
Simple example you can see at lib-jitsi-meet/doc/example at master · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub