Using the android sdk in a NativeModule in react native

Copy of issue:

I know the jitse-meet has a react native codebase.

But that code base huge and I was hoping to integrate the android and ios sdk (the jitsi-meet-view) in my react native app using native modules.

To test

git clone

npm install
npm run android

This is android only. Have not tried on ios yet.


Goes over a simple application in android that takes in a url and joins the user using the jitsi android sdk.

I was thinking i could just use that in a native module and super easily integrate the jitsi video call part in my react native app. Preformatted text

I added a screen before the screen where you would put your connection screen for android.

And when I press join the app just stops.

The error happens somewhere inside ExampleActivity JitsiMeetActivity.launch(this, text); call. I am not even getting any error message. The app just crashes.

Any insight on this is appreciated.