Using scheduler to create room with a specific name

Basic question from an unsophisticated user. It would be nice if I could choose the name for the meeting room to something meaningful, rather than the random word name when using the calendar scheduler. For instance: //" would be preferable to the random word name automatically created by the scheduler. My concern about manually changing the name in the Google Calendar invitation would be that the dial-in number might no longer link to the room audio. Is it possible to do as I suggest and still have the dial-in numbers work? Also, if we choose to use the same room, every week (ignoring security concerns), I know that the link will work, but would the dial-in numbers continue to be the same wek after week?

The problem with allowing you to type your own meeting name is that someone will inevitably use “MyMeeting” or something like that, leading to conflicts. The random name pretty much guarantees that won’t happen.

You can join a meeting with the name you like and use the share meeting options to get the dialin numbers and PIN. It should not change, but it’s not a guarantee in

Thank you! Exactly what I need to know.