Using prejoinConfig can not enter to the meeting after clicking its button 'Join Meeting'

Hi, I wanted to set pre join for meetings and I configured /etc/jitsi/meet/ and before updating the version of jitsi I set prejoinPageEnabled to true.
But it has now prejoinConfig, and I set enabled to true.
Now we have this functionality of pre-join but when I try to click to enter to meeting it doesn’t work

prejoinConfig: {
// // When ‘true’, it shows an intermediate page before joining, where the user can configure their devices.
// // This replaces prejoinPageEnabled.
enabled: true,
// // List of buttons to hide from the extra join options dropdown.
hideExtraJoinButtons: [‘no-audio’, ‘by-phone’]

What is the error?

I didn’t get an error. But this button doesn’t work

Share your console logs

Are you running stock jitsi-meet?