Using lib-jitsi-meet API, but black screen on iOS then its working on Android OS

I using lib-jitsi-meet to develope web app by Vue, but Android is working but on iOS chrome always show black screen.

As picture, the video track always show black screen.But on Android and windows (with Chrome), can see the Video(track) from iOS.

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot.

Which version of lib-jitsi-meet is that? Does the lib-jitsi-meet match the backend versions?

Does it work with jitsi-meet and same lib-jitsi-meet, that is a good way to validate?

Hi, I using lib-jitsi-meet low level API from official website.

Using Vue to develop by vs code.

I install jitsi-meet by official website. And using low level Api to connect to server , Android its working, but iOS always black screen.

Android can see the local track, but iOS can not.

As picture , it Android 10 then working.

So, its API version and backend version not match?

Well if you have installed jitsi-meet and you are sourcing the lib apparently that is not the case.
Try jitsi-meet web, does it work on that iOS device?

Hi, I test my jitsi-meet on iOS device. Its working.

It can see local track on setting page.
So that’s lib-jitsi-meet low level API problem ?
Or jquery library’s problem ?

:man_shrugging: Not sure … I doubt its jquery … yeah I don’t know

Ok, thank you very much.
Can I create issue on the github ??

There is no issue with the code as you have seen. It something in your code …

Hi~~ @damencho
I think it’s safari’s bug.
You can look here (

When video tag in template tag safari will black screen.
Because I use Vue to develope, and Vue use template tag to write html.

And my video tag was under the template tag lead iOS to this problem.(I think)

This is demo site(chrome is work but safari will show black screen):

Same happens and for desktop Safari … if you think its a safari bug, you can report it to webkit issue tracker Reporting Bugs | WebKit

Someone has the same problem and someone report it to webkit.


Safari belong to Apple.

There is a discussion for web browser app on iOS use same webkit library to develop.

I think that all browser app on iOS have same issue.

This is answer.


In iPhone iOS, must add playsInline attr in video tag.
Other OS, using autoplay attr.

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