Using Keynote or Powerpoint with imagery that will be received as full screen to recipients, mostly seniors

Educational distance-learning for mostly senior population. As instructor, I want to develop image-based Keynote presentation to fill screen with high quality images. can you guide me through process of loading this presentation into Jitsi and instructions needed to recipients? Quality of image (Artworks) really essential. Thanks for any advice.

Hi @BarbA,
Not sure if this is helpful - but (though I am fond of Jitsi Meet): Are you sure to look into the right tool?
Even a good videoconferencing tool isn’t mandatory a good tool for distance learning.
Though I have a 2-server installation running jitsi meet, we consider setting up a BigBlueButton server for distance learning, too.

(Source unknown: If the only tool you’ve gotten is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.)

But to answer your question: You cannot “upload” anything to Jitsi (BTW, I assume you’re writing about Jitsi Meet, right?)
Best approach ist to share the Meeting Admin’s Desktop running this presentation, and advise viewers to de-select panel mode. Maybe that’s good enough?
(NB: Techterms above are probably not the ones you’ll find in Jitsi meet, as I’ve translated them from my German version. :wink: )

Thanks for your response. I am not a techie so much of this is over my head. I like idea of big blue button. Where can I find this? I also have seen that Jitsi can accommodate Powerpoint. One can export Keynote to Powerpoint after it has been completed so that if Jitsi can read PPT, how do you download it into Jitsi? My search today said that this could be done. Files for PPT are pretty heavy since there might be almost 100 images plus text. Sending this amount poses special problems. From Cloud? Dropbox? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

Well I’m only techie and much of this is over my head, too… :smiley:
I’m very new to Jitsi, never found the feature of uploading anything, other fellows must help you there.
If you could post the source of your info, please post it here, always keen on learning.

BigBlueButton or short BBB is found at
It’s NOT a videoconferencing system, but made for distance learning.

But be warned, this is a complete different story. New server, new everything…