Using JWT authentication together with API

I’ve successfully configured and installed jitsi, along with jitsi-meet-tokens:

I’m however having issues with the URL we generate to navigate to a room.

The following URL works when you do not have authentication, we don’t want people who are logged into our software and joins while logged in to be required to use a username or a password when joining a meeting.

The code below works when token identification is not required:


When “jitsi-meet-tokens” is installed, and a token is provided to the url I ge the following url:


This URL does not work, and throws an error, specifically beacuse of the / between the jwt token and the api args.

The correct URL should be:


This URL validates correctly and you’re allowed to join the meeting.

I am suspecting that the wild / comes from the front end api, when it evaluates the the provided URL to navigate too it. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this issue?

You don’t need to specify that. The external API does that automatically for you. Why are you passing that value, empty even?

Apologies, it’s not empty, just that I didn’t want to include our own parameters. and I realize that I probably shouldn’t pass the jwt token in the way I am, since generateURL() in external_api.js has support for a jwt token. So I’m going to figure out how our specific implementation uses those options.

I’ve managed to figure out how to pass the content I want within our specific configuration to the generateURL() parameter.

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