Using JVB with REST iceConnectionState remains on "checking" state

JVB Version: 0.1.1093

Installed through apt packaging.

So to summarize what im trying to achive: let use “Alice” and “Bob” as exmaple. and for each step will include a gist of what I`m sending/patch-ing JVB and their correlated/translated sdp offers/answers.

  1. Alice start the call
  • Creating a conference
  • Allocate channels for Alice (video and audio)
  • Translate Colibri to SDP and Send to Alice (remote offer)
  • Get SDP Answer from Alice and Translate to Colibri and Patch her`s channels
  1. Bob accept call
  • Allocate channels for Bob (video and audio)
  • Translate Colibri to SDP and Send to Bob (remote offer)
  • Get SDP Answer from Bob and Translate to Colibri and Patch his channels
  1. Create a new offer for Alice with JVB and Bob`s streams
  2. Create a new offer for Bob with JVB And Alice`s streams

All logs from JVB.

I`ve been stuck on this any help would be really appreciated.

P.S: Also checked if udp port is getting any traffic. And yes as soon as i patched the channels participants with icecandidates the tcpdump catches traffic on port 10000.

Hi @egzonzeneli,

It looks like you’re going through the right steps. It would be helpful to exclude a configuration problem by installing and trying to run the full-stack.

As a second step, after we’ve made sure that the full-stack is working properly, could you please upload somewhere a pcap file that you captured from the VM that runs the JVB of port 10K?


Hi @gpolitis,

I tried the full-stack and is running without problem. Then I did a tcpdump on both cases using REST and also the full-stack. And you were correct the DTLS Handshake is not happening on REST.

Analyzing both pcap files:

  • on full-stack case the JVB is sending DTLS Hello Client but
  • on REST, client is sending.

I suppose the flag initator on creating/allocating a JVB endpoint when set to true should handle also this case, maybe i`m wrong. Unitl i get an response from you what i should do on next steps, will try the other way around letting client to be ice agent controller.



I’m hopeful that playing with the initiator flag will be fruitful. Let us know how it goes and we should probably update the documentation to emphasise this little subtlety.