Using Jitsti Meet client on Arm SOC

I would like to use Jitsi Meet on a small single board computer like Raspberry Pi 0W. It seems this type of very small computer, although it runs a version of Debian, it really does not have the ‘horsepower’ to run a standard Internet Browser. Although it is able to handle a video stream well enough (using a package UV4L) I think the nature of Jitsi is to utilize the WebRTC + JavaScript + JSON that is found in current browser software. Such tools only exist in these types of full-featured ‘modern’ web browsers and there is no Lynx type of stripped down browser to offer all these tools that Jitsi requires. Even the Chromium browser that Raspbian provides really can not run on the RPi0W - it slows down to a stop before the video conference finishes connecting.

Is there some way to get around this? All I want to do is to have the RPi0W send a one-way video (no audio) stream to the Jitsi server over the internet where I can access it from my laptop.