Using Jitsi with OBS

So, I want to use Jitsi with OBS ( ). OBS outputs video/audio, but only to an SRT/RTMP/FTL server, or to a recording file.

I want to workaround all this by hosting a local SRT server, then outputting it to a file, and sending it to Jitsi. All with audio/video.

Is there a way to use a commandline tool to upload both audio/video, LIVE, from a file that is continuously being written to? Maybe another alternative to getting OBS to output BOTH video and audio to Jitsi? In HD?

I use Ubuntu/Linux, NOT windows.

I am having issues using obs-v4l2sink ( ), which outputs a blurry image, and crops the video output. It also does NOT include the audio from OBS.

Any solutions?

I would be interested in this as well. Helped someone on Windows in a very basic way to feed their OBS output to Jitsi. This was just by opening the OBS preview fullscreen on a secondary monitor and sharing that screen + system audio within Chrome.
I also routed the audio output from Jitsi to a different audio channel to prevent a constant echo when other participants speak.

A platform independent OBS (stream-)plugin that could talk to Jitsi would be much better IMHO.

Hi there, since the new NDI plugin for OBS, you can use the NDI output from OBS as input camera and sound in Jitsi. Regards!