Using Jitsi to teach an online class


Has anyone had success in using Jitsi to teach classes online? Any pointers?
I want to be able to

  1. restrict the class to people who have signed up
  2. Allow people in the class to ask questions
  3. answer questions
  4. show code examples

Thanks in advance for any pointers on how to do this.



Hi @slloyd,

u got to have ur own server for this. doesn’t require sign up. but in ur own implementation u can add an interface to sign in and sign up.

this is also possible. jitsi has a functionality “raise hand” that allows moderator about a guest wanting to ask something. It also has something called “push to talk” where by u can ask guest to mute their mic and press spacebar when they want to talk.

2 ways, firstly u can use screenshare functionality to show entire screen / a opened application window / a chrome tab. also it has an integrated realtime editor called “etherpad” which u can also use.

send me an email at if u need help with setting up ur jitsi deployment.