Using Jitsi over a Satellite Terminal


Hello All,

I have the following setup:

I have my Jitsi Server running behind a Gateway.
I have 2 other “clients” - each of them running behind their own Gateways.
I have a 3rd Client that is connecting to the same VPN network via satellite terminal.

Now, my client behind the satellite terminal can ping the Jitsi Server successfully, but is unable to join a conference chat with clients 1 and 2…

My question is thus if there is somehow somewhere a setting where I can set the bandwidth on the Jitsi Server? My bandwidth on my satellite terminal is ±400Kb/s and I need to be able to lower the bandwidth on my Jitsi Server.

Can anyone please advise on if this is possible and if possible, where I have to set the bandwidth exactly?

Best regards,



Bandwith is auto managed by the clients, continuesly probed and reported and the bridge will turn off some videos if needed, by first sending lower resolutions.
What is the error, why it cannot connect?


Hi Damian,

My problem is that the client behind the satellite link can ping the Jitsi Server, but can’t establish a connection to the video conference via the web browser. The connection to the Jitsi Server times out.

Would you that my satellite link of ± 400Kbits/second is too slow?

I am unable to access the video conference via web browser, as it times out when I enter the URL in the browser.




It timeouts loading the web, or establishing the audio/video connection once web loaded?
Pinging is not way to check, cause deployment consist of many different servers and if you ping, you ping one thing where there is another address where you download assets, another where it connects for signalling and another one for jvb or turn server which is used for the actual send/receive media.


Hi Damian,

Yes, it timeout when attempting to load the web.

I pinged the Server’s IP where Jitsi was installed on - and I was able to get 'n ping reply. That’s how I know that the client behind the Satellite Link could “see” the Jitsi Server which is on the same VPN Network.