Using jitsi on multiple servers


I want to know if a guide exists to install and configure jitsi to use multiple servers.

Thank you very much

Can 2 different user in same conference hosted by 2 different Jitsi Video Bridge server?

Do you mean load balancing ?
here’s a tutorial about it


thanks for the link. I saw it and I’ve noticed that a conference is not splitted among the videbridge servers.
is it possible to use multiple videobridges in the same conference?
I want to increment the number of the participants.
Thank you very much


Actually, I think the current load balancing algorithm is based on number of conferences only, which is not enough in my opinion.

I quickly read that Jitsi supports geographical bridge cascading but I’m not sure whether it’s related to load balacing or not. Maybe someone from Jitsi team could confirm this.

it’s quite new.
so, it’s possible to split the conference.




We still don’t use it for balancing, but plan to do so.