Using Jitsi on mobile


I have a website and app. My users become tutors and connect with on another in other to communicate by typing in the board that they want to create similar to jitsi meet. But now when I run it. It requires them to download jitsi app in rder to connect because the website reads that they are on a mobile phone. Is it possible to have jitsi embedded on my site so they wont need to install that app.


Firstly, there is no source code right now to allow you to easily skip the mobile app and run the Jitsi Meet Web app on a mobile device. That’s a small problem because it can be developed with reasonable effort.

Secondly, we are not guaranteeing the production readiness of the Jitsi Meet Web app on a mobile device. You know, the user experience on a mobile device is generally sufficiently different than on a desktop. And we haven’t spect focused effort on our Web user experience on a mobile device. I expect that to be a bigger problem than the first.

Thirdly, while the Jitsi Meet Web app may work sufficiently well on an Android device when running on Google Chrome, it may not work as well on iOS when running on Safari.

Anyway, there’s been continued interest in running the Jitsi Meet Web app on mobile devices and we’re really open to working with contributors to make that happen.