Using jitsi on local network

hi , every one >> what is the best way to using jitsi on local network >> could some one give me a fixed steps to follow it ?
another question is >> is there any problem to use jitsi on local network by installing it in virtualbox or must install in vmware esxi (virtualbox or vmware) ??
thanks for your helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have a local DNS server in your network?

yes i have a local DNS server in my lan

This are my installation steps which will create a self-signed certificate too.

After the installation, you can download the root certificate from to distribute your clients.

after doing this steps … i can open jitsi in browser … but get massage (you have been disconnected) .
this is my error massages in console in browser :
Logger.js:154 2020-09-04T13:56:17.722Z [JitsiMeetJS.js] <Object.getGlobalOnErrorHandler>: UnhandledError: null Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: Error: Strophe: request id 1.1 error 0 happened
at Object.r.Strophe.log (strophe.util.js:89)
at Object.error (strophe.umd.js:1392)
at P.Bosh._onRequestStateChange (strophe.umd.js:5017)
Logger.js:154 2020-09-04T13:59:38.700Z [modules/xmpp/strophe.util.js] <Object.r.Strophe.log>: Strophe: request id 1.1 error 0 happened

You need to add the host address to your local DNS server.
The internal clients use your local DNS, right?

sorry >> could you explain it ??? i do not understand how i add add the host address to your local DNS server

Hello @ahmed_101,

If you have a local DNS server in your network and your internal clients resolv the host addresses using your local DNS server, you can set a local host address (something like meet.jitsi.loc) for your Jitsi server and your clients can access to your Jitsi server using this address.

If your clients use a public DNS servers (like Google’s, my suggestion will not work. In this case, your clients can connect the Jitsi server through IP address but I didn’t test a Jitsi server using IP address and I don’t know if it will work fine.