Using Jitsi Meet for subscription based system and allow subscribed users


I am trying to create an MVP of an idea. The idea simply is, a person can host a video and users can join the video conference by paying. Users can signup and host an event or join an event. The future plan is, this will be used for paid online classes and such.

Now after some searching I found that configuring JWT with Prosody would be the perfect way for me. Let me explain to you my approach first so that we are on the same page, then I will ask some questions.

My approach: I will have a separate web service that will handle user registration, payment and such. That web service will be responsible for generating a valid JWT token. I will pass the JWT token where I integrate Jitsi Meet. I am thinking of using Jitsi IFRAME API. Let me know if this is the correct approach.

My queries:

  1. From the docs that I found for configuring JWT, they show how to authenticate a moderator/host using JWT. Once a moderator is authenticated and opens a room, anyone can join the room with the given link. I don’t want this, I want my site to be more restricted. Both host and participants have to authenticate via JWT so that I can know the participant is valid for a specific room. How to do this?

  2. How to distinguish moderator/participant using JWT given my use case?

  3. Is it possible to do the initial development in localhost? I don’t have any server to spare right now. If so, what should I place in the domain related sections of the configs?

Thanks in advance.