Using Jitsi Meet API with React

Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum and the community ! :wave:

I recently explored several options for writing applications that deal with video conferencing and I was quite impressed with Jitsi

That being said, I find people seem to like abstractions and libraries that make things more idiomatic to their application context and environment, so I took a stab at creating this library for interfacing with jitsi-meet-api inside React apps

I’m kinda new to this territory so I wanted to make sure that it gets updated to be compatible with the api spec and definitions as well as provides sensible defaults and friendly ways of being used for developers

Would love to hear the community thoughts around it and happy to have people join me into developing it

I recently participated in a hackathon on and created a demo app to demonstrate how one could go about setting up a simple video conference app that leverages jitsi using this library, you can read more about it here

Hope you have a nice day! :blush:

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thank you

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Hey, that looks quite interesting. Imma dive into it because we are building a react app with jitsi. Tyty

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Hey @fifo. Thanks for creating Jutsu. I’m currently using a self hosted Jitsi meet with Jutsu and after updating interface_config.js, the updates don’t reflect on https://my-domain/external_api.js but are showing when I start the meeting directly on https://my-domain/roomId. Can you confirm Jutsu works fine with self hosted jitsi? Could you know what I’m missing?

Never mind. Figured out, was missing the domain prop