Using Jigasi with 2 SIP Accounts?

My Jitsi/Jigasi instance is working fine, so good that I’d like to add more SIP dialin lines via an secound SIP account. I have added the config to with both accounts having different IDs, e.g. first lines of both sections
and same with id2. But Jigasi will only connect to the account with the higher ID - the one with the lower ID seems to be completely ignored.
How do I add a second SIP connection to Jigasi?

Jigasi can handle only one account at the moment. Why would you need to?

Let me put it this way: because they are from different providers and billing / prices depend on this.

You better handle that on your PBX so you can control least-cost-routing and make jigasi connect to the PBX with just one account.

My setup is just a jitsi instance on an rented linux server in a remote datacenter. It is not meant for business - it a a private setup I use for various boards of non-profit associations I am member of. Some of the other members are (or a feeling) too old to either use a computer or a smartphone for joining. So my Idea is to have some local numbers by a free sip provider (such as sipgate in germany) to let them dial in via their fixed line flat rate as e.g. sipgate provides just normal land line numbers. But one of the associations I want to use it now for is for an international associations, so my idea is to attach sip accounts from other countries.
So what would be the help of an asterisk attached to the jitsi for this setup? Can you point me to a good howto for this? I searched so far, but maybe I just put the wrong key words into google.
@damencho But thanks a lot for the answer, your answer - your 2nd answer here:

let my believe that this setup with the different IDs is possible.

You need code changes in jigasi to run such a scenario

I agree with damencho , you’ll want to use an IP-PBX to mange call routes. The IP-PBX would care for multiple DID’s terminating to one endpoint. CDR can also assist with any billing reporting needed.

If you’re starting with no knowledge of phone systems, I recommend Asterisk. One of the better distros with a GUI being FreePBX. Search youtube, you’ll find a lot of good how-to videos for begginers.