Using JaaS from 8x8

I have installed Jitsi meet with enabled JaaS. I can dial-in to the conference with the phone number and PIN.
Now, our requirement is something like joining the web conference via dial-in with just 1 button from a gadget without keyboard. We want to bypass the entering of the PIN code assuming the caller is known to the system.
For example :
If the button from a gadget is pressed, it will dial-in to the conference and automatically creates a room with either the phone number as room name so that on the conference side it will look something like this:
Is this possible to implement?

Nope, there is no features.
Most phones nowadays can pass DTMF tones after connecting.
So if you want to dial +123 and want to pass drmf 567 you can dial on the phone +123,,567. Every , is a 2 sec. pause.

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Thanks for the quick response. Like I said our gadget does not have a keypad only button to press.

So this gadget has a sim card and capable of calling 1 number only which is pre-programmed and once the SOS button is pressed, it should call the number and linked to the conference.

I hope this make sense.

Interesting use case!

So, do you know the phone number beforehand?

I think what @damencho was saying is that you’d need to craft the phone number as follows: assuming +3123456789 is our dial-in number:


Where 1234 is the conference ID and the pin is 0000.

Would this work?

nope, it still goes down to the ‘please enter the room id followed bt a hash’

any more ideas?

Nope, sorry, it seems your device cannot send DTMF tones automatically after dialing.
If you want to use traditional telephony your only way is to pass the number using DTMF tones.
Can your device do a sip call?

yes it can call to 3cx but at this point I am trying to use 8x8 instead if possible. The 8x8 webconferencing is the closest to integrate to our web application than 3cx. So if there is something to tweak in my jitsi meet, let me know.

If you can do sip calls from the device there is an option, but it is jaas specific, so you can open a ticket asking support for you usecase. Ask for dialing into a conference from sip skipping the IVR for entering the meeting ID.

Thanks so much. I will definitely try that