Using displayName as JSON String

I tried all the way to maintain few custom attributes along with a participant but could not success and could not find any way. There is only one attribute displayName which is maintained throughout of the participant life and it is shared among all the participants.

So I got an idea of using displayName attribute to maintain my all the custom attributes in the form of JSON string and later parse this string when and as needed and use those attributes.

My question is: Do we have some limitation on displayName length or some other side effects of using it in our custom development along with lib-jitsi-meet?

If you have any other suggestion of using custom attributes alongwith displayName then kindly suggest. I want to maintain, for example email ID, Phone Number, and want to make it available for all the participants.

Use sendCommand lib-jitsi-meet/JitsiConference.js at master · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub
This adds a custom extension to the presence and is visible by other participants.

Thank you very much Damencho for usual support. Yes it is even cleaner solution. Still if I want to use displayName as I indicated, do you think it will cause some issue? I’m coming up with a use case where I want one attribute at remote side at the time joining the conference, so in this case passing some attributes as a part of displayName is helping me more.

Send command should handle that, you can execute it before joining.
Nost sure what is the data, but you can also use and addFeature … workes the same, can be done before joining, uses presence but in a dedicated node … and then for every participant you can do getFeatures() …
display name will under node , but yeah, you can use it.

Thank you very much sir. Now I have multiple options. So I can play nicely :slight_smile: