Using ChapGPT To Write Jitsi Scripts

For fun, started asking ChapGPT to write scripts for odd use cases in various languages. What are your thoughts?

With Lua scripting, write a Jitsi Meet script

-- Import the Lua socket library
local socket = require "socket"

-- Set the room name to join
local roomName = "example-room"

-- Create a new HTTP request to join the Jitsi Meet room
local request = "GET /" .. roomName .. " HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n"

-- Open a socket connection to the Jitsi Meet server
local host = ""
local port = 80
local client = socket.tcp()
client:connect(host, port)

-- Send the HTTP request to join the room

-- Read the server response to the request
local response = client:receive("*a")

-- Close the socket connection

-- Display an alert when the user joins the room
function onConferenceJoined(conference)
   print("Joined conference: " .. conference)
   alert("You have joined the conference.")

Write me a Unity script that implements Jitsi

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using JitsiMeet;

public class JitsiMeetController : MonoBehaviour
    private JitsiMeetView jitsiMeetView;
    private bool isVideoMuted = false;
    private bool isAudioMuted = false;
    private string roomName = "example-room";
    private string serverUrl = "";

    void Start()
        // Create a new Jitsi Meet view
        jitsiMeetView = gameObject.AddComponent<JitsiMeetView>();

        // Set the server URL and room name
        jitsiMeetView.ServerURL = serverUrl;
        jitsiMeetView.RoomName = roomName;

        // Register event listeners for Jitsi Meet events
        jitsiMeetView.AddListener(JitsiMeetView.Events.ConferenceJoined, OnConferenceJoined);
        jitsiMeetView.AddListener(JitsiMeetView.Events.ConferenceLeft, OnConferenceLeft);
        jitsiMeetView.AddListener(JitsiMeetView.Events.ParticipantJoined, OnParticipantJoined);
        jitsiMeetView.AddListener(JitsiMeetView.Events.ParticipantLeft, OnParticipantLeft);

        // Start the Jitsi Meet conference

    void Update()
        // Toggle video mute status with the V key
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.V))
            isVideoMuted = !isVideoMuted;

        // Toggle audio mute status with the A key
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.A))
            isAudioMuted = !isAudioMuted;

    void OnConferenceJoined(Hashtable data)
        Debug.Log("Joined conference: " + data["roomName"]);

    void OnConferenceLeft(Hashtable data)
        Debug.Log("Left conference: " + data["roomName"]);

    void OnParticipantJoined(Hashtable data)
        Debug.Log("Participant joined: " + data["participantId"]);

    void OnParticipantLeft(Hashtable data)
        Debug.Log("Participant left: " + data["participantId"]);

The Lua one at least is completely bogus lol

I tried few weeks back and ChatGPT was giving me iframe API commands which are not existing in Jitsi.
However I wish some of those can be implemented.