Using api in own website

hi ! i’m a new developer, i’m using jitsi api in my website and getting some problem in access of camera and micro phone please help

can you please be more specific about the problem?

what browser do you use for testing? did you try it with different browsers?
any error-output on the dev-tools console?

did you try it on different systems with different input devices?
(otherwise try to uninstall/reinstall system drivers for the camera/microphone and retest it)

did you try the external_api on your own server or on ?

standard example for external_api (github/jitsi-meet/api/example) ushould work just fine.

i tried different browsers like chrome, firefox, opera and different systems but still in the problem and yes i’m using external_api on my own server

any error visible in the dev-tools (press F12 in browser) console?
what if you use “” domain?
the same when you reinstall device drivers (camera/microphone) or/and try it with a different system/device?

these are the errors and still these errors i’m facing with using domain

these are the errors and still these errors i’m facing with using domain

looks like the browser rates the page as “unsafe site” and blocks the device/getUserMedia request
happens when the server (where you work/test, for example localhost) doesn’t use a certificate/HTTPS

if you test the external_api on localhost … for chrome there this option as a fix:

Enter the below into the address bar in google chrome.
Set the option to enabled on “allow-insecure-localhost”

on other browsers there are similar ways …