Using a windows virtual microphone

Has anybody tried one? Any recommandation? I want to play a movie, slide show, etc… with sound for my jitsi fellows, and preferably still being able to verbally comment.

Look into Voicemeeter.

How can we use the mixing console in Windows 10 for input / recording ?


Bonjour Pierre - The user’s manual downloadable from the Voicemeeter web site sounds like a rather well done document with use case examples.

OBS and VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device

VB-Cable: set input and out sr and res to same value via mmsys.cpl

OBS: settings - Audio - Advanced - Monitoring Device - CABLE input

Just installed VB cable free (one cable) and tested it - It worked for me with this configuration:
VLC with audio output = VB cable IN
Jitsi with mic = VB cable OUT output = loud speaker

With PowerPoint I had to specify the application audio output in the Windows sound settings advanced options

Only minor caveat is, of course, that I cannot use my only mic anymore without returning to jitsi settings - A mixing console app might probably be of some help here.

Thanks Freddie.

that’s why i mentioned OBS … :wink: