Using a custom android SDK

I have followed the instruction in Jitsi Meet handbook about building a custom SDK.
I am using the SDK in a react-native app. Using SDK from your maven repository works just fine, but when I use a custom SDK, video/audio are not transferred.
I have tried to make the SDK from the commit that you have apparently made the SDK 3.2.0, but still the issue persists. Also I think the size of your published SDK 3.2.0 is different than the size of the SDK 3.2.0 that I make.

Should I do anything else rather than what is stated in the handbook?

Changing the RTCPeerConnection polyfill resolved the issue as mentioned here. I’m now confused how the SDKs published by Jitsi team work while custom ones apparently have this issue.

It seems to be a weird dependency related problem. We haven’t gotten to the bottom of it, sorry.