Users still transmit audio even after muting

Hello! Ran into this issue twice today and haven’t previously seen it. The behaviour we saw was as follows:

  1. User is speaking and audio is transmitting normally.
  2. User finishes talking and mutes their own audio.
  3. User’s audio can still be heard as if they are not muted.

The “Participant is muted” icon still shows up in their video window, and everyone can see that they’re muted, but the audio still transmits. This persists even after they un-mute and re-mute.

We were able to resolve this by having a separate user forcibly mute them, which seemed to work. This occurred twice for two different people in the same call.

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We also have issues about duplicate video and audio tracks, since when user muted himself, audio is still transmitted,because one more audio track is also available in the background.

Hello @everyone, is there any progress about that issue ?

is this on the official deployment or a custom one?

It was related to prejoin screen, if it’s activated , it happens most of the time.