Users sometimes can not be heard randomly when using lib-jitsi-meet

We are using lib-jitsi-meet in our React app, using a private Jitsi instance set up on Digitalocean. The problem is sometimes some users in a conference can’t be heard altogether randomly, without any error messages in the frontend. The muted-like user is most often on mobile, but sometimes even desktop users can’t be heard.

We are super confused about why this happens randomly as there are no error messages to get a clue. If there is anyone willing to help, please comment so that I can also share the lengthy JS code snippets of our implementation to help further debug.

Thank you

Before customization, first we checkout the branch which is the same version with the running services then we apply our commits.

If you have services from the stable repo (for example stable JVB) but lib-jitsi-meet from the master branch, this may cause some compatibility problems