Users not always moderators on jwt instance

Hello everyone,
We are using Jitsi as iFrame with jwt authentication.
We also recording all conferences (recording starts on event → videoConferenceJoined).
Few days ago I noticed that ~8% of confereces are not recorded.
In logs I found messages “Ignored Jibri request from non-moderator”.
But as I understand, by using jwt, every member should be moderator. And also recording event fired from the person, who starts conference.
We are using relatively old version - jitsi-meet 1.0.5056 and right now we are planning to upgrade it to more recent version, but we are not sure if this is a bug and if it has been fixed in newer versions.

It depends on how you configured the server.

Is that so? As I remember, every authenticated user is a moderator and for jwt every our user is authenticated. May be something changed here in newer versions.
I’ve seen plugin for moderator optionality for jwt, but it’s not an issue - with the same server config and static jwt generation algorithm, in 92% cases everything works perfectly - user starts conferece, recording event triggered, recording starts. And in 8% cases we got “request from non-moderator” error.

Maybe the event is fired before the affiliation set. Can you add some delay before starting the recording?

Recording is fired on the videoConferenceJoined event, for the first user (once), but yeah, it could be the reason. I’ll try add a few seconds dalay to that.
But I thought that algorythm works the other way - user authernticates with JWT and joins channel as authenticated user with moderator rights.

Is there any mobile client? Do moderators use always web browser?

you could trigger it on rolechanged (with role = moderator)

It should be browser only, but there is a chance that some users use mobile app. But I don’t know, if it should work on mobile with jwt, since we generating jwt on our side. Or is it forwarded to mobile app as well?
And since recording trigger works, it shouldn’t be an issue in this case (but could result in other missing recordings)

Nice catch, I’ll try it.

Thanks for sharing this information. It was very useful.