Users not all seeing each other

We are using Jitsi to allow students to visit with seniors in assisted living communities. Lately, we’ve been finding users who previously were able to see each other are not able to see one or two of the users in the meeting. We’ve seen the problem with both the browser and the app. Is it possible this is a server problem? We’re using the default Jitsi server,

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the report. Is it possible if that happen again to save the js console logs for such a session and send it to us.
Thank you.
Any other details will also be of great help, like browser version, number of participants in the meeting?

I will not be able to get the logs. We use Jitsi to allow senior citizens in nursing homes to communicate with our high school and college student volunteers. I can’t expect them to access logs. Most of them use their browser for Jitsi because we can’t expect them to load the app. Do you think that this is more likely a problem at the client end or the server end?


If it’s happening to the same people and the same people only, then you can suspect a client problem, however, if it’s random, then it could be a connectivity issue or (less likely) a server problem. Either way, those js console logs would at the least he helpful in debugging.

Understandably, Senior citizens are less likely to be able to work their way around saving the browser logs, but I think you should be able to work the students through doing that.