Users' join/leave time log


I work for a small educational company and we use Jitsi Meet (the publicly hosted version) for our classes during the lockdown with great success.

However there are certificated trainings that we want to do online too, but it’s mandatory that we have a proof of the participants’ join and leave time.

So my question is: Is Jitsi Meet capable of creating a log like below or should we search for another software for this? - start: 2020.04.24. 12:00 - end: 2020.04.25. 13:00


I am not sure if Jitsi already records any such log. That said, you can ask Prosody to trigger when a participant joins a room, leaves a room, when the room is created and when the room is destroyed! Or you can Jitsi Meet api to trigger similar events from frontend UI - I personally prefer using Prosody triggers.

The correct place for that is prosody. You can do as simple as logging in prosody and scrape the logs pushing it to some service, or implement from your module directly to hit your stats backend service.

Thank you for the help!