Users is getting kicked out from the video conferencing

There is a user, who is using the JITSI video meet (video conferencing) feature but is being kicked out for almost all the sessions. It is happening for that specific user, it is not getting reproduced.

Can anyone help me with this?

I’m afraid you will need to provide more information for someone to help.

  • What does the user see when being “kicked out”? Just a blank screen? An error page?
  • Are you able to get browser logs from the user? Any errors in dev console?
  • Is this against your own Jitsi deployment? if so, what Jitsi version?
  • Does the same thing happen for the user when using
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Thank you for your response, I will get back to you with all the answers asap.

The Jitsi version we are using is 2.0.6433-1.
The user after being kicked out redirects to the login page of the application.

Kicked out session
Re Entered after being kicked out

Any help will be appreciated.