Users in the docker images


are you creating or using any other users/groups in all docker images besides jvb/jicofo/prosody?

I ask because we are using centOS and some of these users got assigned low user IDs on the centOS host, the main issue is just that these users are random and the config files are accessible from the host for these users but it is also even worse on centOS because userIDs lower than 1000 are already assigned for system users.

We would like to try mapping these users into docker.

At first we’ll try building all images with a modification to the RUN where we would change the UID and GID to match the ones on the host, if that turns out to be too much effort we might just mount the passwd file from the host to docker, we are a bit afraid though that some of the components are using other users, hence the question, are you using other users/groups?