Users getting disconnected


We have a self hosted jitsi meet setup to provide schools and educational institutes to take online lectures.

We are using multi videobridges running 8vCPU and 16GB Memory each, one videobridge per conf. I think its an overkill, but we were getting feedback that the video quality is very poor. So we decided to use one video bridge per conference and disabled simulcast. We saw improvement in video quality after disabling simulcast.

We have currently deployed 90 video bridges to serve daily 90 confs with around 30 participants per conf.

Now we are getting feedback from some users that they keep getting disconnected. Not all users but some.

Can anyone please help me in finding out why some users keep getting disconnected?


Which Browser do they use? I think there are problems with Firefox. Use Chrome/Chromium. Maybe this is the Problem.

We have disabled access to firefox users. So all are using Chrome or Mobile apps.

Try reduce the CPU load of the client by 4 tweaks. This makes people who have less powerfull computers be able to process all packages and stay connected.

Thanks. We have already done this :slight_smile: .

Also most of our users are on smart phones.