Users Configuration - School district


I’m setting up a jitsi server for a school district. I need to configure access with the following characteristics:

  • Classes with pre-defined name
  • Teachers must be able to access 1 or more classes
  • Students must only have access to their class
  • All users (teachers and students) must have their own login and password.
    Could you help me in the configuration?
    Thank you
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I am about to setup a similar server.

I’d suggest starting here to understand the default free server setup regarding moderators :

Then check here for technical setup of users authentication :

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t find the way to pre-define rooms (class) name and associate users (teachers & Students)
I would like everyone to log in with username and password.
Do I have to use ldap authentication or is it possible in another way?

Hi again,

I tried the steps 1-4 indicated here successfully and although you need to create each user manually, I think that could be a way to provide accounts for each teacher - no LDAP needed. The steps indicated there are to create a local account on the server. For LDAP check this search on the forum, if you ever need that.

Regarding associating users with students, I think your best bet would be to properly train teacher to come up with unique room names for their classes and then indicate how they create a meeting and set a password on the room a few minutes before the class starts - only people with a password setup as indicated above can do that. Once the room is setup, a single password can be set and anyone with the password can join (no registration or account needed).

They can even provide the room name in advance, no one without the access will be able to join and be moderator. If you want, PM me and we can try it on the server I created. It’s a simple workflow but it needs some practice and adopting good practices to succeed.

Once you decide on a workflow you could create a single-page document showing a diagram with the workflow. I could help with this and then we could share it here for others to use and improve on it. Let me know if you’re interested (PM me).