Users can't be seen


I’m using jitsi meet in my server, works well when I call my friends in Spain they told me they don’t see me and I don’t see them either, we are in the same room but I don’t see them and they don’t see me, I did some debugging in prosody and I can see that we have the same romm id but I don’t see it and they don’t see it either (for info I’m in France when I meet with friends in France I don’t have any problems)

any help, thanks

Do you see their thumbnails? You don’t see or hear them? How many participants in the room?

thanks for replay

I can see it in thumbnails, sometimes with grey screen with a crossed out device,

it happens we are just 2 people in the room or 3

Probably you have problems with either port udp 10000 is not forwarded or your jvb is not reporting its public address.

have you any idea for resolve,

maybe this : sudo ufw allow 10000/udp

If that is the machine doing the NAT (it has the public address configured locally) yes. If not you need to configure port forwarding on the NAT device …