Users cannot hear and see anyone after 3 participants join the meeting

Hey guys,

I have a problem with Jitsi and I need help,

Our client complains that at random meetings people stop hearing and seeing the other participants, usually when more than 3 people (jvb ?) enter the same meeting this happens, and sometimes when this error does not occur another one appears that would be after some people join and everything works fine, the later people to join the meeting do not listen to who was already there and only listen to those who joined later

This client has internet restriction at work, but even releasing all the ports (10000) (We bypassed with TurnServer) necessary for Jitsi to work, these errors happen

The code we use from jitsi is a cloned version of December/2021 and customized at certain points only in the user interface

You can update to the latest version. There are numerous fixes in the last few months to address similar issues.