Username & Password in localStorage for external API (Which files to change ? )

After going through Community posts, I figured out Jitsi external API is using postit (PostMessage) for interacting between jitsi iframe and parent domain.
We can’t host our custom domain on same domain where jitsi is hosted even if we want to because of 60-jitsi-meet.conf in ngnix which actually forwards all traffic coming to 443 to turn and jitsi-meet.

Now I want to use windows.localStorage for my jitsi domain.
If anyone can advise my which lines to change in external API and API listener to make jitsi domain set localstorage using a simple function like app.execute_command(“set_auth_password”,“topSecret”);

Thanks in Advance

Have you figured it out?

I modified the jitsi frontend for doign followinf things.

  1. I added a way to add/modify local storage of Jitsi-Domain from my domain using external API
  2. added a hook in login process. And implemented hook such that before prompting for password, it check for credentials on local storage.

It worked and still works.