User that talks is always on the top-rightin tile view?

Hi all,

This is my first post. I’ve used Jitsi meet for more than a year now, and today some new annoying behavior appeared: during a meeting, when displaying tile view, the tiles kept re-organising depending on who was talking. It seemed that whoever was talking was automatically displayed on the top-right tile. This was super annoying as tiles kept moving all the time.

Is it something new? Is there a way to disable that behavior so that tiles don’t move?

Thanks in advance!

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I assume you’re using the free instance at If so, you can’t turn off the feature using URL params because it’s not whitelisted. If you’re hosting your own server, you can turn it off in config.js:

enableThumbnailReordering: true,

Thanks for the reply.

Yep. But is this behavior something that was newly introduced? As I mentionned, I’ve used Jitsi for a while and it didn’t behave this way.

Yeah, it’s relatively new. Came with pagination (which was introduced to allow for large meetings). The idea behind it is that if you’re hosting a large meeting (say about 100 participants), you want to be able to see the participant speaking (since only about 25 tiles show up on the screen at a time).