User stuck in meeting as moderator


I have observed weird behavior first time these 7-8 months we have been using custom Jitsi setup and lib-jitsi-meet app.

User is stuck in one of the meeting, even after closing all browser instances and restating machine from which user did join, he is still in meeting.

What could be the issue and is there any way to manually kick(since he is moderator its impossible to kick through lib-jitsi-meet api or jitsi UI ) using any REST endpoint?

Thanks in advance.

What does it mean he is still in the meeting, how do you see that?
The connection between the client and the xmpp server is using bosh which has 60 secs timeout, which means that if there is no update for this period the participant timeouts and leaves the conferece/room.

@damencho After connecting with same room name, that participant is still there, no audio/video tracks, but he is still there, and I can’t kick him since he is moderator, I can’t turn on allowners mod since our beta users are using application which will affect if I do so.

Btw I have tried stopping Jicofo and JVB services, no luck. should I stop prosody?
And its been 2 days he is still in room.

You need to restart prosody.

I did and now participant has been removed.
But still no idea what was the issue.

Hi, I have the same issue when my collegue’s app for APPLE crashes, he remains in the room as moderator with multiple instances.
Is there a function to allow moderator to kick out other moderators, as workaround to clean a room?

Sorry to continue to contribute to an old thread. This is the best discussion about my issue I’ve found.

Has anyone implemented the ability to allow a moderator to kick another moderator? We’ve had the same issue where a moderator will rejoin a meeting and would like to kick their previous frozen picture.

In our case, the client is shows a “Good” connection, even though the user has long since disconnected. We’ll do a prosody restart which I’m sure would fix this. But if it happens again, the ability for a moderator to kick a moderator would be good.

We have the same issue . How do we check on the XMPP server settings of 60 Sec timeout ? Additionally when a new session starts its better to remove the user who is still hanging in as moderator. In our case we had a call in Friday and it was hanging around until monday when we reconnected. This is an issue . Pls guide