User rights, moderators and standard user

Hello All,

Here my problem.

I’ve got 3 users set up for my secure domain jitsi meet self hosted.

client, mod and admin

Setup forces all users to log in. By design.

Currently when my client logs in they have moderators rights. Type is internal plain.

How can i specify mod rights to only a couple of user accounts.


If you register users, they become moderators.
So don’t register your customers, doing so they’ll be forced to wait a moderator.

im passing jitsi meet docker container through a traefik reverse proxy and i’m only using 1 domain name. wait for a moderator modal doesn’t appear.

maybe you didn’t followed the secure domain configuration so…

I was meaning that you should manage prosody users, not proxy ones.

Any progress on that topic, because I am facing a similar problem. I am running a self-hosed Jitsi installation. I followed the guide on setting up a secure domain but skipped the part for anonymously joining a conference room.

My requirements are as follows:

  1. I have to groups of users, let’s call them “teachers” and “students”.
  2. Teachers are allowed to create new conference rooms and to be moderators
  3. Students must not create new conference rooms nor become moderator; they must only be allowed to join existing rooms
  4. Every user needs to be authenticated, even students

The work-around to a) only allow authenticated users to create new rooms, b) create only accounts for teachers and c) let students join conference rooms anonymously, is not a valid solution, because of requirement 4.

At the moment every authenticated user (teachers as well as students) can create a room and be moderator, especially if a student joins a conference room early (before the teacher creates the room), the student creates the room and becomes the moderator. Hence, the student can mute everybody, kick out other users and so on. That’s a pain in the ass.

Need it too with LDAP.