User profiles, display names and JWT on iOS

On the iOS Jitsi client, when an authenticated user joins a meeting using a valid JWT should the user’s display name (from the token) be displayed locally?

When I tested this, other members of the conference see the user’s name from the token (, but locally the user see’s himself as either (1) empty/no name or (2) the name under Settings > Profile > Display Name. When there is no name, the user is required to enter a name before chatting in the meeting.

Is this the expected behavior, a bug, or a misconfiguration?

By the way, this works as expected on the web browsers. When the user joins a meeting their local display name is properly populated. I tested with incognito mode, so it’s not cached. Also, allow_empty_token is false. The user on iOS is definitely being authenticated properly.

It’s probably not a great sign that no one from the community has responded to this yet.

Has anyone tried this level of JWT integration yet?