User marked as frozen / UDP issues / Confusing ports

Hello, sorry this is a bit of a rambling post!

I’m currently having issues with video not working and sometimes audio.

When I join a test call via two different browsers, I can see the video from two different webcams but it isn’t sent to the call in the other browser. I’ve also had others report this with more than 2 users.
The profiles connect but video and sound doesn’t work for anyone.

My current lead is this log, which says that the user is frozen (from the jvb logs).

i6p14m9 epId=4b32b84d local_ufrag=6bd621ei6p14m9] Agent.triggerCheck#1761: Add peer CandidatePair with new reflexive address to che
ckList: CandidatePair (State=Frozen Priority=7961239340728718847):
        LocalCandidate=candidate:3 1 udp 2113932031 redacted_ip 10000 typ host
        RemoteCandidate=candidate:10003 1 udp 1853620479 redacted_ip 55796 typ prflx

When I started digging into this I found the following error in the NGINX logs.
2020/09/14 16:57:46 [error] 1289#1289: *24198 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client: redacted_ip, server:, upstream: "", bytes from/to client:0/0, bytes from/to upstream:0/0

It seems nothing was listening to port 5349, I believe this is the coturn service so I’ve updated its configs to the following. (I think these are the defaults settings)


It was listening to port 4445 (SSL) and 4446 - I’m not sure why if this was changed by someone at my end.

I’m quite confused on what service should be listening to what.
Are there docs connecting services and ports?
It doesn’t help that I’ve seen three different places to point the prosody config
Port 3478? Port 4446? Port 443?

This is a load balanced set up and I’m also wondering if Jicofo is being blocked between servers. I think port 5347 isn’t open between the servers, could this cause this issue?

A slightly more tenuous lead, nothing is listening to port 4443, is that correct? I believe this is fallback for JVB.