User manual


Just installed Jitsi. So how is it used? There is no user manual nor any documentation. Just logged on to this forum and fond many others had the same question, but there are no answers. I guess I wasted my time.


Hi, do you have questions about the Jitsi Desktop or about Jitsi-Meet?


Thanks but I just wanted to try Jitsi. There is no documentation, no Help button, or anything else. I went to your forum and found no link to the doc. I don’t have time to email back and forth with questions. By the time I got your email I had already installed another product, went through its doc and learned how to use it. Just proves how necessary the doc is. Jitsi might be good, but without doc it is not of much use. Hope your people can realize this and solve the problem. I will continue to use the other product. Thank you anyway, and good luck,


Good to know.
Farewell :raising_hand_man: