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Just installed Jitsi. So how is it used? There is no user manual nor any documentation. Just logged on to this forum and fond many others had the same question, but there are no answers. I guess I wasted my time.

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Hi, do you have questions about the Jitsi Desktop or about Jitsi-Meet?

Thanks but I just wanted to try Jitsi. There is no documentation, no Help button, or anything else. I went to your forum and found no link to the doc. I don’t have time to email back and forth with questions. By the time I got your email I had already installed another product, went through its doc and learned how to use it. Just proves how necessary the doc is. Jitsi might be good, but without doc it is not of much use. Hope your people can realize this and solve the problem. I will continue to use the other product. Thank you anyway, and good luck,

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Good to know.
Farewell :raising_hand_man:

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I agree with @robrioja: a user guide is necessary.

The community based support is time consuming and doesn’t let you quickly see the topics and main features you can further investigate, like you would do by reading an index.

Is it really so hard to do and maintain?

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Any contributions are welcome.

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I don’t even know how the application works, how could I write a manual? :smiley:

If you are looking for an end-user manual, I have taken a stab at creating a Quick Start guide (and general web conferencing basics) in this thread.

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I absolutely agree as well that there is a need for two things, cause I have a hard time figuring out all the parts of Jitsi cause there is not a lot of documentation, and the one which does exist is either hidden on the website, in a YouTube video (yeah, there are youtube videos!) or in the forum. So it’s really hard and time intensive to figure out what I need to do to get the configuration I want - and while @damencho answers all questions in the forum like a true champ, I’m sure it would ease his load too!

So could we set up these two things?

  1. General user manual which could be based off of (or just a link to) @phumphries forum post.
  2. Developer guide with a “Getting Started”, “How does Jitsi work?” some “Tutorials”, resource sub-documentation about the most common sub-packages like Jibri, Videobridge and so on, API references/list of commands and an overview on how one can get started in helping out to work on Jitsi. Perhaps a document for all the main jitsi components or think of something like for Django - cause that is an outstanding reference.

These two links could be somewhere in the menu on top of the website and/or on the home page - and the developer guide should be linked in all main Github repos. The important part here would be that it’s very visible everywhere.

I’d be willing to add documentation as I am learning about Jitsi.

I wrote a quick manual (user guide for using web platform and aplication) of Jitsi Meet in Albanian language for making use of it in educational system in my country. Thanks to Jitsi Meet, a number of Students and Teachers are continuing the educational process successfully. If there is a need i can try to translate it in English language.

Manual of Jitsi Meet [Albanian] on OneDrive

i have put a basic explain for user in

you can reuse the pictures if you want

Super detail, @FH87! Nice work!

Thanks for your link, @ledahu.

:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you @phumphries I tried to give a little contribution for the community where I live!

I made a basic tutorial in Brazilian Portuguese:

Check out this new ressource from the Jitsi team which should finally collect all docs at one location. If there is any way you can contribute, that’s highly appreciated.