User limit, server requirements and more questions

I’m working on my own project and want to use Jitsi.
I have some questions before start using that.

  1. is there any limit for users being in a conference on
  2. is it possible to record video and audio from conference owners or users on
  3. when I want to run it on my server, how can I calculate which server with which hardware I need?
  4. Do you know what is the best plugin for integrating jitsi with learndash(wp)?

thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:

Welcome to our community!

There is a 500 participant limit per conference.

Yes, recording is available. Recordings are stored in your own Dropbox, so you’ll need to login and give access. This is all guided from the web UI.

That’s a much harder to answer question since hardware keeps evolving and it depends on your needs.

I don’t know that one, sorry.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @saghul , thanks for your complete answers.

about the server.
imaging I have 10 teachers with 300 students. and they are online in the same time in different conferences.
I just wanna know what is the minimum requirements for hardware.
and also do you prefer using amazon servers or something else or JaaS?!


For that size you should be fine with a single signalling server and a couple or 3 JVBs.

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